Known to work on with Python 2.7 on modern Linux and OS X systems. Not tested on anything else.

Relies on SciTools. So first install Iris and Cartopy

Two environment variables must be set:

  • SCRATCH - the name of a directory to download weather data to.
  • CARTOPY_USER_BACKGROUNDS (may be set during Cartopy installation) - the name of a directory to put plot background images in.

Also requires:

  • pandas: Python package providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools.
  • scikit.learn: Python package containing statistical modelliong and machine learning tools.
  • wget: To download background data.
  • unzip: To unpack the background data.
  • imagemagick convert. To make optimised backgrounds.
  • The ECMWF api: ecmwfapi - only needed if you want to use CERA-20C or ERA5 data.

Then install the package from the source in

Finally, run the package setup function to produce the plot backgrounds:

import Meteorographica.weathermap as wm

You should then be able to reproduce the examples.