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Most of my earlier publications are proprietary reports for the organizations I have worked for. Those that are publicly accessible are listed below.

  • P.Brohan and P.A. Tempest, Fission gas release from high burn-up UO2, Specialists meeting on high burn-up fuel performance, Tokai-Mura, Japan, March 2002.
  • P. Brohan, Grain boundary swelling and gas release in UO2, ANS-2000 Meeting, Park City, Utah, USA, April 2000.
  • P. Brohan, A study, using noise analysis, of fuel thermo-mechanical behaviour in the high burn-up MOX experiment IFA-648.1 and the PWR/WWER comparison experiment IFA-503.2, HWR-607,Enlarged Halden Program Group meeting, Loen, Norway, May 1999.
  • P.Brohan, Noise Analysis and Fission Gas Release, HWR-601, Enlarged Halden Program Group meeting, Loen, Norway, May 1999.
  • P. Brohan, Improvements to the ENIGMA code using recent Halden data, Enlarged Halden Program Group meeting, Loen, Norway, May 1999.
  • M.P. Knight, P. Brohan, U. Grundmann, U. Rhode, J. Finnemann, J. Husken, Comparison of rod ejection transient calculations in hexagonal-Z geometry, International Conference on Mathematics and Computations, Reactor physics and Environmental Analysis, Portland, Oregon, USA, Apr30-May5 1995.
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  • P. Brohan, Ab-initio studies of two-level states in glasses and electron-energy-loss spectra, Ph.D. Thesis, Cambridge, 1993.