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This is not a paper, or a report. Instead it borrows a standard approach from the modern software industry: it’s a GitHub repository. The repository contains a collection of reStructuredText which can be converted, using the Sphinx documentation generator, into a website or PDF document.

The advantage of this is that it is system independent, and produces a document that can be read easily offline, or online on any device. It is also versioned, so it is easy to update, and connected to a commenting system to collect reviews and corrections.

This is version 0.2.0, dated at 2019-02-19. If you have found a problem with it, or want to make a comment, please raise an issue.

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This document is currently maintained by Philip Brohan (philip.brohan @ All criticism should be directed to him - put please don’t send email, raise an issue instead.

All blame should go to the maintainer; credit is more widely distributed:

  • This document was written by Philip Brohan (Met Office). He was funded by the Strategic Priorities Fund Climate Resilience project.

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