Argentine Daily Weather Reports 1902 (Version 0.0.4)

The Daily Weather Reports (DWR), were started by the UK in 1860. The idea spread rapidly to other countries, and Argentina started issuing its own DWRs in 1902.

The Argentine DWRs are being scanned, put online, and transcribed, as part of the Argentine capacity-building program of the Copernicus C3S Data Rescue Service, led by Pablo Canziani. The transcription was done by Jürg Luterbacher and his team at the University of Giessen. So far we only have transcribed data for the first year: 1902. The data are reported once a day from each station, but many stations have many days of missing data.

The precipitation data in the source documents was not transcribed. The wind speed data is in non-standard units. So this version includes only the mean-sea-level pressure; instantaneous, daily maximum, and daily minimum temperatures (dry bulb); and relative humidity.

Transcribed observations

Station metadata was created for each station:

The raw data for each station was converted into SEF files:

Individual stations