Authors and acknowledgements

This document is currently maintained by Philip Brohan (philip.brohan @ All criticism should be directed to him - put please don’t send email, raise an issue instead.

All blame should go to the maintainer; credit is more widely distributed:

  • This document was written by Philip Brohan (Met Office). He was supported by the Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Programme funded by BEIS, and by the UK-China Research & Innovation Partnership Fund through the Met Office Climate Science for Service Partnership (CSSP) China as part of the Newton Fund.

  • This work follows on from previous work on weather modelling with ML.

  • The TensorFlow library is used throughout.

  • Training data used came from the ERA5 reanalysis the 20th Century Reanalysis (version 2c) and HadUK-Grid.

  • This work used the Isambard UK National Tier-2 HPC Service operated by GW4 and the UK Met Office, and funded by EPSRC (EP/P020224/1). This turned out to be overkill - all these models can be trained and run on a modern laptop - they don’t need a GPU, but Isambard did provide a valuable speed-up.

  • The calculations here make extensive use of GNU Parallel (Tange 2011).

  • This software is written in python, in an environment configured with conda.

  • The code and documentation use git and GitHub. The documentation is written with sphinx.

  • The Bayesian description of DA is largely based on a presentation by John Eyre

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